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The Next mass recruitment is happeing at these Locations :

  1. GL Bajaj Group of Institutions (An Integrated Campus) 23km Milestone, NH#2, Mathura-Delhi Road, PO - Akbarpur, Mathura - 281 406 (UP)

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Personal Consultant

No workflow can replace a real human. This is why we believe in our personal service.

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All data and documents at one place.

We'll help to hire quality students

Our team do everything to get you all the help needed to hire great employees for your buisness. Our team takes care of campaign, marketing, advertising, locations. We got a lot of creative people who'll get stuff done for you so that you get all the quality stuff.

CAREERSTAIRS combines all tools and services you need for perfect employee hiring event

Create Account

Our Team will help you to setup a account. We'll let you personalize your account according to your vive.


Create Job Profiles

Generate individual job profile with a few clicks and submit them directly to your users. You can create any number of profiles.


Get Responses

Software collects all application automatically to the dashboard. You can trace any application and can overview any application that you want.

Personilize Application

All data and documents are stored in digital personnel files. Everything is at your fingertips. View them or save them it's upto you.


Professional service

Our Softwarewill prepares the overview and all required reportings. Don't worry about data handling anymore because it is our job.


Data security

All data and documents are stored in an encrypted form on Virtuals servers. Automated backups provide permanent data security.

Add new Options

You can choose how to want to select people or how do you want to make the hiring process interesting and helpful for you.

Optimized Services

Save unwanted wage costs to hire employees for your company. CAREERSTAIRS Team can assist you to optimize your companies employee hiring process.

Hassle free Usage

Our software is web based can work on anytype of physical device. Our software is responsive so it will be easy to use on mobile phones too. All you need to have active internet connection.

CAREERSTAIRS takes care of everything

"The only thing I want to know about payroll is, that it is working correctly. For my company CAREERSTAIRS is the best combination of service and software. My team uses the online services and data management. And I can rely on the professional service of CAREERSTAIRS."


New Delhi
~ 20 Employees

Digital tools for our HR process

"We used several tools for our employee hiring process. And it really got confusing when we had to complete registration sheets and set up work contracts. We were using old templates and had to adjust them manually every time. CAREERSTAIRS helped us to shortcut this process. It is all online now and takes a few clicks instead of hours of paper work."


Online Trade Agency
~ 50 Employees

Integration into our company

"The hiring is done by our own HR department. But we were missing a lean and simple onboarding process and the possibility, to manage user data and contracts online. CAREERSTAIRS fits in perfectly. We are still working with our intranet and hiring programm but intergrated CAREERSTAIRS via API. This enables us to use all functions within our own IT environment."

Macy’s, Inc.

Large Company Macy's,
~ 500 Employees

Simple Job management Website

Stage 1

  • Can create multiple profile for a Job
  • The post will be verified by Admin
  • Time and Location will be fixed on agreement
  • Event Starts

Stage 2

  • Starting the Interview Process
  • Can judge a applicant and set selection criteria
  • Can add a new applicant
  • Document management system
  • Get list of selected candidates for your company


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Stage 1

  • Can create multiple profile for a Job
  • The post will be verified by Admin
  • Time and event environment will be fixed
  • Event Starts

Stage 2

  • Will get the result
  • Can individually interview applicants
  • Account Viewing
  • Document management system


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