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Currently Available Roles

Business Development Executive (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
Graphic/Web Designer (3-5 years) [Full-Time]
Franchise Manager (4-5 years) [Full-Time]
Content Writer (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
MIS Executive (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
HR Executive (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
HR Manager (3-4 years) [Full-Time]
Financial Couseller (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
Event Manager (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
Accounts (2-3 years) [Full-Time]
Web Developer (0-1 years) [Full Time]
Front-End Developer (0-1 years) [Intern]
Back-End Developer (0-1 years) [Intern]