Campus Connect
& development program.

The goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions across India.

Campus Connect ?

‘Campus Connect’ is an online platform providing comprehensive assistance to the recruitment process value chain across students, aspiring professionals, educational institutions and colleges, and hiring organizations. This is a unique Industry-Academia initiative to “architect the education experience and career prospects”. The goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions across India for producing “industry ready” recruits. The program aims to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool enabling a sustainable growth of the IT industry itself by increase in the employability of students.Campus Connect shall offer a number of value added features and shall enable optimizing the process of candidate profiling, search, recruitment, besides being an interactive platform.

Every student is different & requires a differnt approach.

This program shall focus on preparing “Industry-ready IT Professionals” by aligning and enhancing student competencies with the needs of the industry.

Take a quick peek under the hood.

Here are a few Institutes that we have worked for

Objectives and Activities that Campus Connect will initiate

Seminars and faculty training

Careerstairs Team will provide faculty and administrators with access to rich academics, diverse intercultural experiences, and innovative approaches to learning and problem-solving that enhance syllabi, internationalize curricula, and increase global understanding on campus.This will allow faculty members to present their own three generational genogram. Evaluations revealed the unexpected outcome of increased understanding of faculty colleagues in the work setting.Our Team offers a unique opportunity for researchers, faculty, and graduate/Post Grad students to dialogue with and to develop professional relationships with research administrators, ultimately leading to collaborations with great scientific advances and Developers.

Sponsorship of Events

We make it easy to find and sponsor events to engage with your brand’s target audience.Gone are the days when sponsors and event hosts were content to bathe a party in logos and consider their work done. Increasingly innovative experiential marketing, new and expanding digital platforms, and stiffer competition for sponsor dollars have given rise to a savvy set of decision makers—at brands and event hosts alike—who intend to elevate sponsors’ return on investment and build symbiotic partnerships. Here's our archive of articles about integrating sponsors and selling event sponsorship.

Industry Visits

We are your bridge to a larger world. A world full of opportunities and challenges beyond your campus life. We are your connect to corporate world.The focus of the educational institutes is changing the paradigm from input based learning to output based learning (result - oriented), with emphasis on experiential learning. The core idea is to make students experience the corporate culture and hence learn from the industry’s working model. We want students to learn and explore real world, which is beyond the realm of university curriculum.

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